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  1. Sorry, I never got a notification you replied back - but the above code does the same thing as before, the text still stays there once you click on a thumbnail :/
  2. Ah, thank you. Last bit of help since you're here and I've noticed this, is it possible to remove this custom CSS we've added once you click a thumbnail and are inside the new page? Like so that it's only present on the index page itself, but not anymore once you click on one of the thumbnails. It doesn't make much sense to continue to have something like "Click on the thumbnails for more." up top once you click on one and you're inside of it, when there isn't anything else to click anymore. If you somehow know if that's possible, I'd be more than impressed because at this point that loop
  3. Bingo, that's it, thanks! Is it possible to change it to be the same font as everything else, proxima nova? I've tried to replace monospace with that in the code and it doesn't work. Or proxima, or proximanova, a few combinations I thought of, no luck.
  4. For this page @tuanphan, which is an index page: https://cristianzdremtan.com/graphicdesign
  5. @tuanphan For this specific page it's actually Index Settings > Advanced > Header if I'm assuming I'm doing what you're asking correctly...but doing so lead me to, "PREMIUM FEATURE Premium Feature Available on Business and Commerce plans. Learn more." We seriously can't add any type of code to edit pages at all with a basic consumer plan...like most people in my shoes and position would have? Well this is news to me.
  6. Yes, exactly like that tuanphan, some text in black font, but smaller if I could control the size. And if a banner image is possible for elizamoraes as well I suppose.
  7. Is that a no, tuanphan? For any type of text above the thumbnails on the index page?
  8. https://cristianzdremtan.com/graphicdesign It's the standard main index page on Flatiron which was defaulted as home, but I changed the home page to something else.
  9. I'm trying to add some text above my index page content to let it be known that you click the thumbnails to view more. I can't add a text block or anything on the index page like on other pages - is there a way to add some type of text at the top of the page, and in whatever size I prefer? My last resort would be to make custom thumbnails for everything to showcase there's more once you click, but that seems excessive and some text up top would be simpler.
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