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  1. How do I remove the padding around images? I inserted two little social media icons and they are miles apart because of the image padding. I added this to the CSS for the page but it didn’t change anything, http://organizegr.com/contact/

    .sqs-block.image-block {
     padding-top: 0px;
     padding-bottom: 0px;
     padding-left: 0px;
     padding-right: 0px;

    In the Config Editor all i see is the code i’ve added, none of the existing code, which strikes me as weird.

    Similarly, on the main page, I’d like to have the bottom image flood to the side. But when i change the page padding the text and rule lines also flood to the sides. Can I change it for just the image? Or add padding into the text block manually? http://organizegr.com

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