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  1. I heard back from the plugin developer. This code works. .blogFooter .sqs-block-newsletter { border: 1px solid #c5bcbc; padding: 20px !important; } Thank you so much for your help, Teresa
  2. Hi, Thank you for that code. I forgot to mention that this newsletter block is placed within a plugin called Squarespace Blog Post Plugin by Heather Tovey. This is the code she gives to do this, but it is not working. I have changed padding to padding-top. .blogFooter {padding: 75px;} I've contacted her but have not heard back. Do you have any other suggestions?
  3. Site URL: https://ladiesdrawingnigh.org Hi, I'd like to increase the padding to the top of the newsletter block to match the bottom padding. Can you tell me how to do that? When I use Site Styles to increase the padding, the padding increases twice as much on the bottom as it does on the top. I have Brine 7.0. Thank you for your help! Teresa
  4. Site URL: https://www.ladiesdrawingnigh.org Hi, I have the Brine- Rally template and am trying to create a landing page with no header or footer. I've tried many things. I'd like to do this in the Custom CSS instead of on this index page's settings. Can someone help with this? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you! Teresa EDIT: Am able to hide the footer and the header with this code--don't know why it wouldn't work with footer, header in the same bit of code. I had to separate it. body#collection-5eaa0a46b0caa85f5c39b770 footer { display: none !importa
  5. Hi, @Nondys I just found out how to find the data-parallax-id from this post. https://www.squarestylist.com/blog/overlay-color I then tried the above code, and it works!!!!! But at first I tried putting it in the (page>settings>advanced) area. But then I read the instructions again, and realized that the code goes here--Home>Design>Custom CSS Hope this helps! And thank you, @kali-creative! TeresaH
  6. Site URL: https://www.ladiesdrawingnigh.org Can anyone tell me how to hide my Instagram feed on mobile? I tried code I saw here, but it did not work. I'd really like to do something like the attached pic (show only 2 rows, 4 pics total, of the Instagram feed--right now it's showing all 7 pics that I have on my computer). I'd also like to know how to get the white border around each pic), but if I can't, then I'll just not show Instagram on mobile. So, if anyone can give code for this and where to insert it, that would be awesome! I know how to get the tan background. Thank you!!
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