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  1. i tried adjusting the padding but it only adjusted the tile. it didn't seem to change the space between the tiles. i'm using the carousel layout with 3 posts. (whenever i use grid it overflows and I can't get it to show only 3 at a time)
  2. ok i'll see if it works. i tried the grid setting and it looks really nice but it's taking up the whole page. I wanted to it show maybe 3 or 4 posts and that's it for the front page (summary). maybe click buttons to move the tiles left or right since they're ordered by release date. --- also, i'm trying to inject some code on another page. it's code for a mortgage calculator but when i inject it it's covered by the header section. is there a way to put this into it's own block or section? so i can change the background color too https://aroundtb.squarespace.com/mortgage-cal
  3. @derricksrandomviews wow yeah it looks a lot better. do you know how to add space between each tile? i have 3 in a row right now but they are squeezed together. i tried to search for the code to change the size of the tiles and/or lock in a certain size to make them uniform but i couldn't' find anything.
  4. thanks i'll give it a try, and i'll let you know how it goes. i'm trying to make a real estate blog for the greater dc area. just a way to keep in touch with stuff i notice and anything that seems interesting. as time passes, stuff could probably apply to a wider audience.
  5. lychee-oval-8srw.squarespace.com it's public so you shouldn't need a password. i got the business account it should have the "premium" blocks (according to the product sheet)
  6. Site URL: https://lychee-oval-8srw.squarespace.com/homepage Need Help: Summary Blog Posts are transparent and hard to see on a pictured background I'm trying to make a summary row for blog posts on the front page. It should be on top of a background, but when I place a background image the tiles for each blog post are transparent and are hard to see. Is there a way where each blog post on the summary shows up on top of a white tile? So it's easy to read. Check image below. If you look closely, there are two blog posts on the left side but you can't see them well. One is "
  7. Site URL: https://flugelhorn-wolf-5fb7.squarespace.com/test I want to add embedded media to my webpage. for example purposes think of it as a youtube video. When it's added for some reason the size and dimensions of the content is weird. How do I adjust the height and width? It's responsive when I change the screen size but when it's on the normal webpage (like a laptop) it's more of a square shape instead of a rectangle and cuts off some of the stuff when it's played. it distorts the content a bit. The spacer blocks let me change the width but I can't adjust the height for some r
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