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  1. Hi JoeCory, Thanks for the reply! I did test the site on different browsers and devices, also in private mode and empty cache - and I still don't see the text right away. In fact, I found out about this from my client who noticed it first, on different devices than me I believe. So I'm pretty confident that there is a bug. Only I can't find a reason for this on my side. Could it be that it is a bug on the Squarespace (template) side, and if so I'm wondering how to fix that? Thanks again!
  2. Site URL: https://studiojanetvollebregt.com/art Hi community, It seems that there is a bug on the site I'm running - page title and description don't show on mobile. However, if I refresh the page I see them appear. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? I have the page title and description enabled and the previous code I was using (custom css) to hide them on specific pages is now deleted. But still there is this bug and I don't know even how to start fixing this. Any clues? Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://studiojanetvollebregt.com/architecture Hi, I'm having trouble assigning a category to one of the project pages. You can see on the linked index page that only the first project is missing a category, that is because I made that page from scratch and not using the project template. Now, I understand that that kind of a page can not have a category assigned so I am wondering if I could inject a category tag using a page header code injection? [I'm using Jasper template btw.] Has anybody had experience with this? Any lead would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  4. Hi Vurt, Have you managed to find Categories and Tags? I understand that you can add those on blog pages (in edit post mode, lower left) and in the Index pages - by assigning a category/tag in the collection on the index page. So open a collection, click on settings on one of the images (first button on the left when on hover) click content > categories > add category. Then you can select that one (or more categories that you added in the collection) to the project page by clicking settings > advanced > manage categories > select the category you want to display. H
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