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  1. Site URL: http://youreperfect.studio When creating a coupon code for a fixed $ amount off, users cannot choose an item less than that amount because it gives an error that a discount can't be greater than the cart amount. Is there a way to enable this? It seems like an obvious thing that if a user of my site has a $10 off promo code they could use it to get a $6 item at $0.
  2. I think it looks pretty good. Very to-the-point and a good showcase of your work. Personally I'd keep it simple - your work pretty much speaks for itself. One suggestion - turn on "lightbox" for the images so if someone clicks an image it will fit it to their screen. I do like the big images, they show the details really well. Turning on lightbox will let people kind of "zoom out" and see the whole thing if they want. Thats what I do anyway - here is an example: https://www.youreperfect.studio/works/lucinda/psamathe
  3. Are you referring to the header or the picture of the house? If the header, something like this should work: .Mobile-bar.Mobile-bar--top { height: 600px; } Oh I guess you mean how the house isn't taking up the whole space when its on mobile because the image of the house is resizing? This probably isn't quite right, but may give you a starting place: .Parallax-host>.Parallax-item:first-child img { width: auto !important; height: 100% !important; } You will probably also need to resize the container its in similarly
  4. Well its a good start. It was completely unclear to me at first what I was looking at - like "is this guy selling purfume?" then I looked at your Insta and saw you are a photographer. Very beautiful photos, you have a great way with lighting! My biggest thing would be to add information about your services and what the purpose of your site is. Even if you just put "Photographer" somewhere in the header. As a photographer myself, personally, I'd like a way to find out more info about the photos (like the name of product, name of the campaign, any notes you may have about the shoot, etc) - but I get the idea of letting the photos just speak for themselves also. You have a page right now that is just titled New Page that has a simple video. I'd consider swapping that to a video where you speak about yourself and your services and naming the page About or Services.
  5. OP has moved off of Squarespace I think. I will answer this question from my own experience though - I started off making a free account found a template I thought would be a reasonable starting point. Made a couple prototype pages, said "ok this platform is reasonable for what I want to do". Singed up for a paid account. Said to myself "ok now I will check out a couple other themes now that I know what the platform can do" and BOOM well that doesn't work because I signed up using a theme that was on 7.1 and you can't switch themes without cancelling your account and resigning up - not only is that a pain in the butt, I would have lost all the work I had already done. Then I learn about the difference in 7.0 and 7.1, only after I've signed up... how 7.0 has all these advanced features and you can get git access and so on... immediate buyers remorse. But... then I looked at some 7.0 sites and, honestly, unless you want to put in a ton of work, from what I've seen 7.1 sites just look better and more polished out-of-the-box. It's hard for me to put a finger on why. I'm also glad I don't have to deal with 7.0's way of some themes having certain features and not others. So after a month of 7.1 now and building out a pretty big site with custom JS and CSS, I can pretty confidently say I'm mostly happy with 7.1 - if you don't mind doing some JS you can do basically anything and its a better starting place if you want to get going quickly. I do hope they add some of the more advanced things like git access in the future, though.
  6. Site URL: http://youreperfect.studio Hi, I'd like to hear some constructive criticism regarding the design of my site, including both visually and from a usability standpoint. I'm using 7.1 There are a couple items in our gallery that don't have details pages yet, mostly been focusing on getting the featured exhibit ready.
  7. Ok I figured out one workaround for my situation. I currently offer USPS and local pickup options. I wanted to offer some items local only. If I set the size of the item to like 100" x 100" x 100" and 100lbs then its too big for USPS and it will only offer the local options to the customer.
  8. The bottles on the initial page load look cool. I don't like the spacing on the initial page - I have to scroll down to get to the button to actually enter the site. The newsletter subscription block is in spanish even on english page The footer is in spanish even on english page The english version of the Product Philosophy page has a few typos and non-native-speaker-sounding things Consider making the link to your store pages easier to find - I didn't realize you even had a shop at first. The basic concept of the site I think is fine. The alternate parallax images and square images with text over them works well for your site.
  9. No, from what I can tell you would need to use a third party inventory and shopping cart system (that you would probably need to integrate yourself). I don't think there is any way to finesse the Squarespace platform into supporting it.
  10. Its clean, straightforward, and you make great use of your original photography throughout the site. I think it does a good job on conveying the type of work you do.
  11. The initial screen with the logo looks great to me. I like the way it has the logo big and the menu at the top, personally. Scrolling down though... I do like the black and yellow. I think there is too much on the front page. I would move Staff, Testimonials, Values, Services, etc to other pages given the design choice of the big logo with clear menu at the top of the page. I personally would keep the big logo, and reduce the first page to about 1/4 (or maybe 1/6) of its current length. You have a mix of really nice photos and really low quality photos Good use of "call to action" buttons The styling on the main page feels kind of random, how each section has a different style. Its as though you were experimenting with different layouts to see what you like. For me, #1 thing to improve is the very large, low quality photos. But I'm a photographer so I notice that sort of thing!
  12. Yes its fairly straight forward (though admittedly a bit time consuming) to add your products for sale. We sell art prints where the person can specify the size and material of the prints they want and order them through our website. Unless I misunderstand what you need, this wouldn't take a programmer, just involves setting up items in your Inventory and making a Shop page.
  13. I understand the frustration, I didn't know about the whole 7.0 vs 7.1 thing when I signed up either. And the whole "you can downgrade by cancelling your account and getting a refund and resigning up" thing.... but! good news. Adding parallax in 7.1 is easy. Just follow this guide: https://schwartz-edmisten.com/blog/how-to-add-parallax-to-squarespace-7-1 So far I've been able to make all the changes I needed (other than to the store checkout, but thats a different story) using JS and CSS, just means jumping through a couple hoops. After looking at some 7.0 sites, actually, I'm glad I went with 7.1 even if some things require a bit more work.
  14. Beautiful art! I plan to order some prints soon and subscribed to your mailing list ❤️ I specialize in photographing artworks for making prints and its nice to see an artist that puts effort and care into this. For the site - I think its a good start. Overall its clean and easy to navigate. The capitol letters in the header, and in the section titles feel very "big" at least on PC (I didn't test mobile). In fact, I'd say the fonts in general on the main page are too large (other than the menu bar, those are ok and maybe even small). Fonts on other pages are ok, its just the main landing page where they are too large. You have done a good job of setting the focus points on the images in your different galleries. I do feel like the different gallery pages are little too consistent in their formatting though. I would consider using different gallery formats or different sizes and spacing to give some variation. Overall - I will say that after viewing your site I am very interested in you as an artist.
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