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  1. Hello, any new ideas on this? Thx
  2. Thank you so much! Unfortunately this didn't work so well. 1. The footer is now close enough but I'd need the menu to be higehr up. So more in the centre height wise. Adjusting the height in this code didn't solve that. 2. My code blocks still don't work in mobile view, hence the logos are still yellow in the subpages of the portfolio.
  3. Site URL: http://www.sandadelsol.com Hello everyone I have 2 issues that are keeping me from going live with my website and they're both mobile view related. Mobile view: 1. I'd really like the landing page to be more "squished". The menu is too far down from the header and one can't see the footer. I'd love to see everything at once when coming on the page.. I could not find a code that works for me. 2. My code blocks within my porfolio sites don't work in mobile view. Hence, when you click on "Yoga" the logo is yellow when it's supposed to be white to fit the rest of
  4. So on this page: https://www.mindfulyou.ch/coming-home-product/coming-home-retreat I would like to have the same header image as on this site: https://www.mindfulyou.ch/coming-home
  5. Tuanphan thank you so so much!! And one last question: When I go on my product page my header picture is not showing at all although I have inserted one in the settingss.. This is the url: https://www.mindfulyou.ch/coming-home-product/coming-home-retreat
  6. Yes I can but the page shouldnt be visible yet because it still needs adjustment. Does ist have to be open? This is the link,: https://www.mindfulyou.ch/coming-home
  7. Hi there I have a problem that is making me go nuts lol. So I'm about to launch my first service product on my site. I have created a product page (unlinked).. Then on a regular site I placed a product block with my product. I did this because I couldnt design the product page as I wanted... All good. However I really dislike the design of my product block that I insereted... Right now my site looks like this: But I really want the product to appear as on my product page, which is like this: Is there a code I could use? THANKS
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