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  1. Thank you so much for your response kale! I've seen your name many times around here and you contribute so much. My question now, how/where do I use custom CSS? This is something I have not yet figured out with there being so many places to enter code.
  2. Anytime I add a block to a page, it defaults to a flush left position. For example, if I want to have the Search Block appear right in the middle of a page, I need to add a Space Block to the left of it and stretch it out to the right until the Search Block becomes visually centered to my eye. Same with an image. If inserting an Image Block, I would need to add a Space Block on both the left and right of it in order to force it to center. Are adding all of these spacer blocks the only way to force things to center? What about the Search Block where the Space Block is only on the left of it (to push it further right). Seems like there should be a more precise and elegant way to get this to be centered. All of these Space Blocks also effect the mobile version's layout.
  3. Eager to see more on this. Considering Squarespace is one of the most elegant solutions available for portfolio websites, the transitions available (and options or lack thereof for them) are quite jerky. Nothing smooth about them at all.
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