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  1. Unique page ID's are called 'Collection IDs'. In order to use custom CSS on a specific page, you can put your CSS in style brackets in the 'Page Header Code Injection' portion of your Advanced Settings on your page editor. I inserted this custom CSS to alter the background color of my page (using the Bedford Template): ` ` You can find your collection-ID by looking here: I'm on the page editor for the page that I want to edit. The last string of characters after 'collectionID=' is your page's unique ID. Copy that, and replace my collection-ID number above with yours. You insert your code
  2. Also know that the padding-top snippet that I added in may not be necessary, so you might want to remove it -- depending on what looks best on your website.
  3. You'll find your collection ID in the URL while you're on the page editor for the page that you want this code to effect. My URL is "varsaire.squarespace.com/config/#module=content&collectionId=53a8dceee4b0cd8d798f54f0", and my collection ID is "53a8dceee4b0cd8d798f54f0". So you see that it's that last string of characters in the URL.
  4. I would add this to your Page Settings: <style> .collection-xxxxxxx .video-caption { font-size: 2em;}</style> You see above that I have the font size set to "2em". One "em" value is the standard font size for your page. If you have your page font size set to 12pt, then 1em = 12pt; thus, 2em = 24pt, and .5em = 6pt. So, 2em is a drastic increase. I'd gradually raise your font size from 1.2em to 1.4em, etc. to see what looks best on your site. I tested this out on my page, and it works perfectly. Up above, the .collection-xxxxxxx should be filled in with your page's collecti
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