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  1. After doing a little research unfortunately version 7.1 does not support parallax scrolling. 😕
  2. Site URL: https://www.stephanejoly-mariage.com I would like to use a background image in a small area that gives the impression of "moving" when browsing a web page. As on this page: https://learning.squarespace.com/?_ga=2.40908450.1496741881.1585991481-409033015.1585991481 But I did not understand how to do it? (I'm on 7.1 version)
  3. Hello, do you have find a solution? because I have the same problem, but only on the home page
  4. it's ok I took in center now https://www.stephanejoly-mariage.com
  5. No I still have the problem ... Do you have a solution? I have it aligned left while waiting, because as soon as I center it goes on 2 lines
  6. As soon as I center the menu, it automatically goes over 2 lines, it's not very beautiful ... I would like it to stay only on one line.
  7. yes, but when I go through the modification panel to center, the menu centers correctly but on 2 lines: / I would like it to be centered, but on one line.
  8. Thanks!!! 😍 Is it possible to add a code so that the menu centers automatically, and only on one line?
  9. The first screenshot is the home page : https://www.stephanejoly-mariage.com/ And the second is the other page, for exemple : https://www.stephanejoly-mariage.com/contact I would like the menu on the home page to be embedded directly at the top of the slidshow and not above
  10. Hello, I am brand new on squarspace, and I would like to know if it is possible on the home page to display the menu (and the logo) directly on the top in slideshow? and not in a white space just above this slideshow ... I managed to do it on a still image, but not on a slideshow ... Anyone have a solution? (I'm on the 7.1 version) thank you in advance!!
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