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  1. Site URL: https://www.sjoerdwess.com Guys, When are you going to implement the most basic star review system into squarespace? I've contacted you a thousand times but there is no action taken. My friend can code this is in a few hours and it will boost your platform SO badly... I mean, Shopify has it, Wordpress has it... All free and built in. Why Squarespace? Some shops honestly depend on it! Can someone please clarify why the development team doesn't work on this? Sjoerd
  2. Site URL: http://www.sjoerdwess.com/shop Hi guys, I recently created a webshop selling digital presets for video editing. I would like to add a simple review box with black stars for my customers to rate the product. Idealy it would have 5 stars and a '(5)' vote count behind it. No need to add physical reviews, just stars would be awesome. The best place to have this is right below the title (see added pictures) on either the quick view page and the main product page. Who has a peace of code laying around or has any idea how to create this? Thanks! Sjoerd
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