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  1. I agree, those are all pretty reasonable points. It would be nice to see some movement towards addressing all of them.
  2. Site URL: https://redvan.studio Hello there, I'm trying to edit the header of the shopping cart and checkout page. I just need to inject some code like other pages. Because I need to invert the filter on my logo so that it can be seen. Or maybe there is a way to put a dark/light logo on pages? Thanks for any help, cheers 🙂
  3. What about making an "Events" page instead and make your products events where you can then direct people to fill out an order form?
  4. I like that the template model is being left behind. I never liked having countless templates all with different features. It really made no sense. So I like 7.1 for that reason. But I just wish there were more of the normal methods for design. For example, if I want to change the background colour of a specific section to something that isn't part of the "colour palette", I have to go in and modify one of the colour options within the palette and then drill down into it, modify it, and then make sure that section is using that entire style option. Seems slow and kind of strangely difficult when all i want to do is change a single colour. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or not seeing how to do it more easily? But If that's the case, I think that still is a design issue with 7.1
  5. I was just searching for this now too. It's crazy how some of the most basic things just don't exist or are so buried they are unfindable.
  6. Are there any signs that it;s going to improve? is the a road map for 7.1? I don't want to go back to 7.0 if they are going to stop supporting it down the road. But I also don't want to use 7.1
  7. Hi there, I'm trying to make my blog landing page have a headline at the top of the page that is populated by featured blog posts. So I thought about putting a summary block at the top but the images don't bleed through as background images. Do you know a way to have the main image of a blog post, to be used as a full-bleed background image in a auto-playing carousel? I hope that comes across somewhat clearly? Haha I've included an image below to give you hint of what I mean. And so that would be a featured post and it would auto play to the next summary post.
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