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  1. Apologies, we have just changed the URL, it is now www.publicfibre.com - we don't have the menu up at the moment, let me know if this is an issue and we can reach out once the section is live.
  2. That looks really great, thank you. One last thing, when we now x out of the menu, there's a slight glitch and we see the larger fonted previous menu flash before the menu is closed.
  3. Amazing, thank you. Is it possible to have all text sit under the menu button in a much smaller font size? As well as changing the font size to Acumin small header? I have added an example website image for visual reference. Thank you for your help
  4. Site URL: https://www.kaizenmarketplace.com Hey guy, how would I edit the mobile menu so it functions differently. I'd prefer it to open out with a transparent background rather then going full screen with larger text. I have attached screen grabs of the current site (see the soft green colour) and I'm hoping to get something similar to the alldey.com mobile nav bar, also attached a screen grab! Thank you :)
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