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  1. Site URL: https://www.thefavoriteco.com/ Hi there, I keep finding 100% bounce rate in GA on my site - but when I click the URL it goes to here: https://www.thefavoriteco.com// Has anyone had this issue in SS? My site URL is https://www.thefavoriteco.com - and i'm not sure how to fix this. I want my GA data to be cleaner. Thanks!
  2. i'm trying to get the text to overlay on the center of an image, vs. below. like a testimonial slider - does that make sense? something like this:
  3. Hi all, I'm struggling with this too. I did the gallery view bit, but the text is below the image, vs as a centered an overlay. Any workarounds that you know of?
  4. actually, i might have just figured it out thanks to you!
  5. I think only partially. i'm trying to get the item i select to turn the hot pink, not just when i'm on it - does that make sense? Thanks so much for all your help! You're the best.
  6. i think i'm losing my mind! lol i can't get it to work. I have it in the right place now! but nothing is happening.
  7. OK- it must be me! it's not working. Here's what I did below.
  8. @tuanphan do you sleep? You're the most helpful human, ever! Thank you! Trying this now! ❤️
  9. Hi all, I can't figure this out for the life of me! Im trying to get my nav to change to a different background color when selected - or at least change the color of the text when selected. I've tried the suggestions in this thread but i'm now back to the drawing board. My site is www.thefavoriteco.com ❤️
  10. Thanks so much to both of you! I'll give it a try! A+
  11. Site URL: https://www.thefavoriteco.com/ Hi there, I had my designer develop consistent blog backgrounds but i cannot figure out how to get the title of the blog to appear as a caption overlay instead of below the image. Is there a workaround for this? Thanks, all!
  12. Oh my gosh, thank you! I redid it the other day in a blog format, but this might even be better. <3!!!
  13. Site URL: https://bklifeline.squarespace.com/ Hi all, Here is my WIP site. (password is: helpwanted) I keep trying to figure out a way to merchandize services offered by local businesses. Ideally, I just want to show a gallery of services offered, price, % of proceeds donated and the organization that's benefitting from the donation. Most importantly, I do NOT want to sell services on my site - just link out to the organization providing them. I'd love the ability to sort by category in the future. I keep trying different things and hitting a wall. Any ideas would be SO appreciated! Stays safe and healthy. Thanks in advance! Heller
  14. Hey all, Just came across this post - I'm also in the frustrated camp. I did just find this suggestion for a workaround - disclaimer I don't know the author and I haven't tried it but might give it a shot. Good luck!
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