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  1. This has been a helpful thread!

    I have successfully added this Javascript from SF.Digital to achieve a line break for product titles. @tuanphan @paul2009





    Now, I would like to build on that code and make the second line normal and a lighter weight

    For example: 
    "Chehalem Fall (2)"
        Fine Art Print

    Is it possible to make the text to the right of the ( - ) normal and a lighter weight? 


    Website: www.BrendanAlexPhoenix.com
    Version: 7.0
    Family/Template: York Family (Jones Template) 

    Thank you! 


  2. @Yoline, I am having the same problem.
    I agree, it's annoying to have the page reload to the top each time a category is chosen. 
    I want my customers to easily switch between categories without having to scroll down from the top of the page each time. 

    Have you found an answer by contacting Squarespace support? Or have you privately emailed/messaged any of the community developers? 
    I'm surprised this question hasn't been asked and answered before.

    I will contact Squarespace support when they are available. But I will directly ask some of the community developers... 
    @tuanphan @rwp @paul2009


    I agree with you that anchor links are part of the solution. 
    I know how to add an anchor link using a code block right above the categories, but I don't know how to change where the categories link to. 



    I've even tried looking at the Inspector, but I don't have any experience coding.


    Here's my website: www.BrendanAlexPhoenix.com
    Version 7.0– York family (Jones template)
    And here's the product page with categories: www.BrendanAlexPhoenix.com/prints
    (I have three product pages: Cards/Prints/Free)

    I wonder if this has to be done via the 'Code Injection' under 'Advance' for each product page. 

    Hopefully we can get this solved sooner than later this time. 🙂

    Solving this problem would greatly help my customers. 


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