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  1. Hi Is it possible to have a menu block with a custom CSS "add to cart" button below/beside a menu item? (for restaurant) Specifically thinking if it were a pizza shop, with "add toppings" options. Thanks
  2. Hi Wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to create a base price for an item, and then having additional items to add to that specific item Specifically looking into this as a possible option for creating a website for a pizza shop, aka click cheese pizza product with dropdown add extra toppings option. Not sure if Squarespace has this functionality option?
  3. https://www.slabtowncider.com/checkout/order-confirmed?oid=5e8e6c80e808aa50433d5ab1&authCode=NWU4ZTZjODBlODA4YWE1MDQzM2Q1YWIxOjIwMjAtMDQtMDlUMDA6Mjk6NTAuOTU5WmG4FPq71GklYasIL21LuKNeS9zvQh99ySkWZv_UARqf I think this is it?
  4. Would this also work for the Checkout confirmation page that I also need to fix? (I'll have to put the website into test mode late at night to fix it) So I'll just have to inspect that element and change it out using this code?
  5. Site URL: http://slabtowncider.com Hey Everyone, I'm in a bit of a jam. I was able to successfully add custom CSS to the website to change various headers and H fonts to custom font styles, success. However, running into the issue that Squarespace's hard coded page titles in the checkout page and checkout confirmation page make the font look weird because it's all in capitals (we don't use the specific font with capitals anywhere else on the website.) Does anyone know if this is is possible to Fix? or know of CSS that would fix it? Closest I've been able to find is by adding a text transform, but I don't know how to map that particular item. I'm also having the same problem on the checkout confirmation page.
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