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  1. Hey Everyone No examples to show yet but in broad strokes here is what I'm after. I've achieved it with nested DIVs in a code block and then styled those with CSS but wondered if this was possible/easier using built in functionality somehow. I want the website to scroll right/left instead of up/down. With the div test page I'm working on locally I set the main div width to 14000px wide and then placed divs inside that with 100vw to fill the browser window size. Ideally I would have an index page with sub pages under that but those sub pages would nest to the right, in effect making o
  2. Ended up using Caspio but it locks the edit function of whatever block you put it into and they acknowledge that Squarespace it no longer supported. Also, really expensive for what I need it for so any input would be appreciated...
  3. Hey Guys Hope everyone is well. Has anyone had any experience of implementing a custom search function similar to the "Searchable Pro" wordpress plugin? I'm looking to run queries on a CSV file and return results. Specifically, searching for technician employee ID's to verify them. We'll have a CSV file hosted with employee information, and then a search box on a page to type in a search term, then the results of the query are displayed below the search box. Another query, can be run after this with a different search term, displaying different results, etc, etc... Thanks for th
  4. No worries. Thanks for looking into it. I appreciate your time!
  5. Thanks for the feedback! This removed the " around the quote and not the dash in front of the quote source. Any thoughts on how to remove that?
  6. Site URL: http://www.ianjameseyre.com/testimonials Hey guys Have searched around and have not found anything that works, so far... I'm looking to remove the - (dash) from the quote source block. I've styled it how I want but for some reason haven't found out how to do this. The youtube video that comes up when searching for this shrinks the size of the first letter to zero but that isn't working for me. ::first-letter, etc hasn't been having any effect. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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