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  1. Hello, I am using weglot and I am not happy with it. Do you know if the square space solutions to install a translated version is ok? Because I would like to come back to a personal plan as well. MA
  2. Hello Lu, Thanks for helping, in fact I did not start the slide show or switch to bedford template because I was not sure I would manage to modify the slide show height, so I did not prepare it. I thought I would use the code you are displaying on this discussion, has it to be personnalised? (I just don't get the process)
  3. Hello I try to provide animation on the home page, So I am serching for effects on both banner image and image block.
  4. Hello, Here is it : https://www.capstone-solutions.fr/ And right now, there is just a basic banner. It's with a brine template
  5. Hello, Here you are : https://www.capstone-solutions.fr/ Right now, the template is brine, not bedford.
  6. Hello, In fact, I would like to have this effect for the banner image, so automatically and in a loop. But if you know how to zoom image on hover for an image block, I would love to that as well !
  7. Hello, I am using a brine template on a 7.0 version, I really would like to make a bit more dynamic page, by for instance animating the banner image. I don't think, square space proposes this animation, but would you recommand a way? I would like to insert a gif image or image with a slow zoom out effect or translation? so I would have to modify it out of squarespace. I don't know where to look...
  8. Hello everyone, So to follow up with this subject, what is the right personalized CSS which I can use to reduce the height if a slide show banner on bedford ? (It would be just on one page) I have a 7.0 version. Thanks 🙂
  9. Hello ! Thanks for your feed back, I have a personal plan. I could take a business one for a month but in conditions I can keep this translated version afterward, because I don't really need a business version. So in fact, if I keep personal plan what would you suggest? And if I use your guide, can I modify layout of a page at once i for both langagues later on? or should I redesign properly first and then translate? Thanks !
  10. Hello, (version 7.0) I read the article on squarespace on how to have multi lingual website, and i have a few questions about it : it demands a cover page, it's not bad but not ideal, do you recommand weglot ? or other way to do so? Is weglot for free? If i translate my whole web site in another language, can i modify the pages design later on? And will it modify pages in both languages ?? Or do you recommand to first optimize the website design and then translate ? Merci 🙂
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