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  1. I have been looking everywhere. There was a 3rd party plug in at one point which seemed to work but that is no longer available. They instead recommend using Convertkit automation $29/Month. I hvae also tried to use Zapier and that also doesnt work. One thing I thought of doing was creating a link to a sign up form for your Mailchimp list within the Thank You email after purchase. It'd have Name, Email and Order ID then be linked to Zapier (or straight to Mailchimp List) to trigger email automation. Issue is, it would go out to everyone who buys a product from your page. Is there a way to create a custom HTML or page URL straight after they purhcase? This page could then have the above mentioned form. Even Squarespaces attempt at Post Purchase Automation is limited to one follow up email. This is such a frustrating issue.
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