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  1. The learn more button on the homepage. The sizing is off when you seen it on the tablet view. Is there anyway that this button can be adjusted?
  2. @tuanphan just wondering were you able to take a look at the button on this website. I am having a hard time getting them to line up on the same path. Can you assist? Joseph
  3. @tuanphan thanks so much I really appreciative the help. https://castle-hill-cider.squarespace.com/config/pages This design was done by another designer... and is active I will send the log in to your inbox.
  4. Hi Circle Family, I am working on a site for a client, and I looking to see if someone could assist me. I am having issues with call to action buttons some are higher then others on the (tablet view). It seems like the buttons are floating up or down. I know this is not normal, the character count is different with the text but is there anyway to adjust this? Thank you Please see image below.
  5. @tuanphan Thanks I will try and see if it works. If not I will reach-out. Thanks for the help
  6. Hi Circle Friends I am working on a site for a client and I have added some custom fonts which are working great. I am looking to add that same font to the call to action buttons. I know there is a way to do. Can someone assist with this code? I have looked and looked and have not had much luck. I am hoping that someone could assist me with this. Thanks in advanced
  7. @tuanphan did this work? I am trying to do the same for a client of mine can you confirm. Thank you.
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