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  1. Thanks Millermore ..... "Allow anonymous comments" solved my problem !
  2. Thanks for it all. I used your first 'menu' solution adapting the header back ground to keep it visible Thanks for your help
  3. last post erased and corrected due to my mistake .... Tested the code and could be a really good option... but the issue I have now is with the " color : black " ... for some page with a darker background where I switch the "color" option to something with white text the 'menu' stays black ... any chance to improve this? Other good option could be a 'bold' hamburger as long as I can switch its color from black to white where needed. Thanks
  4. Thanks for reply, will try this tomorrow, could be 'menu' will be more visible than the hamburger indeed... or ... any chance to change de burger design.
  5. Site URL: https://cliffvdh.com Feedback from my visitors reporting that the menu blocks (the 2 little bars) are not that visible on mobile. This confirmed by the 'visited pages' from the analytics showing that visitors struggels from moving away from 'home page' and not visiting pages accessible from the 'menu' , certainly by missing the 2 little bars.
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