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  1. same here. trying to figure this one out too! anyone able to do it?
  2. I tried this too. didn't get syntax errors but couldn't get it to work either.
  3. This is great, but now my desktop button that used to be on "Contact" is gone and is highlighting one of the phone numbers on mobile. Ideally, the solution would allow me to keep the nav button on the desktop version and allow me to have the two phone numbers as nav buttons on mobile too. (which I know makes it a bit complicated and an addition to my original question. I looked at other forum questions but none of the code worked for me, even after playing with it a little... being inexperienced in code didn't help. Thinking its an n-th solution similar to this (https://forum.squarespace
  4. Okay just put the phones up and now the desktop nav looks awful. Hope you can get back to me quickly... All i mean is i dont want the solution to impact the look of the desktop nav.
  5. Yes that is exactly what I want to do. Please. "i would like desktop navigation menu to remain exactly as it is" - just meaning on the desktop version I want to keep it as it currently is on desktop (only change the mobile menu). I don't want to force desktop menu on mobile.
  6. Site URL: https://pletttruckrepair.ca/ I would like to have 2 phone numbers linked in the main navigation menu only on mobile, not on desktop. I would like desktop navigation menu to remain exactly as it is. Most answers for this type of thing are using collection id, but from what I understand that only works with pages not with external links (phone numbers in this case). SS 7.0 Bedford theme Any help would be much appreciated. @tuanphan (looks like you have provided solutions to very similar questions)
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