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  1. Got it. That makes sense. Thanks, Paul. Just wondering - is there no way just to add a blank line in Markdown though?
  2. This is super helpful - thanks Paul. I'm starting to put all the text in Markdown blocks and it's going well. Also, I'm having my mind blown around Markdown. It seems like a really good, doable way of having a lot more control over the text. One question though: what do I need to write in Markdown to get two spaces between paragraphs (specifically, I want an extra space before a title, such as "Zebra and Lion in Their World" above)? It just automatically defaults to one one space between paragraphs. Thanks again!
  3. Just sent you that info. I had been doing code blocks instead of markdown (didn't know the difference - argh). When I just tried to do markdown though, I still have that padding issue...
  4. Hey Paul - I looked around in site styles and can change padding generally but I can't change padding around code blocks specifically. The problem, when I use a code block in the middle of an article in order to add superscript, it has larger padding around it for some reason (see image below - the difference in padding between the 1st and 2nd paragraph vs the 2nd and 3rd paragraph). Is there any Custom CSS I could add to the site so that the padding around the code block matches the spacing between normal paragraphs? Thanks for any help you can offer with this....
  5. According to Aristotle, <em>self-motion</em> is a defining feature of animals.<sup>1</sup> Hey Paul - that is what I was looking for. I realized after sending that it was probably super basic and doable. I'm still a complete novice. Was also wondering about what Hannah asked about the line spacing. It seemed like, from your reply, that if I want to lessen the spacing on either side of that block then I'll have to go in to custom CSS with the Block-ID every time? Is that the case? I'm doing 15 or 20 of these per article so I can't imagine doing that every time.
  6. Hey Paul, Thanks for getting back to me. The site's not live yet, but I email you a link and password if it's useful. Attached is a picture of one of the page's I'm talking about. At the end of the first paragraph of the article there's a footnote. We'll probably put it in parenthesis (as I've got it there) if we can't superscript it properly. The problem with superscript is evident in the second paragraph. There it's the same text but in the code block. As you can see the italics in the first paragraph (the word "self-motion") doesn't translate because you lose all capacity to format text in the code block. I can't take out my author's use of italics in every paragraph where he wants to footnote something... Thanks for any light you can shed on this, Seth
  7. Hey all - I'm wondering if it's possible to do the superscript but not use a code block? When I put text in a code block I can't alter the text with italics and I need to do to be able to use italics in the all article pages I'm creating. Is there any workaround for this? Thanks!
  8. Site URL: https://natureinstitute.org/pub/ic/ic38/id.pdf Hey all, I work for a research institute that writes a lot of articles. We have a twice yearly journal and, for the last 10 years, we've just taken all those articles and uploaded them to our website as PDFs (the journal has a nice format so why not?). Of course those articles have then been linked from other sites and some of them have a quiet decent google rating. But now I'm building a new website on Squarespace and I was recently told that I can't upload those same articles on Squarespace as static PDFs and simply redirect the old URLs to them. I guess it's something about how static pages are stored within Squarespace. Anyways, this is a make-or-break issue for continuing with Squarespace as our articles are a big part of our website. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any workarounds for this? I thought of one possible one yesterday, but when I asked over at the help center I didn't understand their answer (I actually suspect the person didn't understand my question, but it could be the other way around...). My idea was to create dynamic pages of the articles on the new website and then redirect to them instead of static pages. We could also upload the articles as static PDFs so that people can still download them in that format and print them, but that doesn't have to be the only way ,or even the main way, that they live online. Do people think that would work? Are there any difficulties in directing the URL from a static page from my old website, to a dynamic page on my new one? (I've shared a link to one of the existing articles, but I can't share a link to the new site as it's not up yet) Thanks for any help you can offer!
  9. Hey Cindy, I can't help you with your question - I've got a redirect question myself that I'm searching the forum to figure out - but I just thought I'd pass on this bulk URL redirector that I just found. It looked handy. Good luck! (https://escapehatch.co/blog/redirects-in-squarespace-bulk-redirect-tool)
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