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  1. Hello, Squarespace 7.1 Is there a possibility to add a block gallery slideshow in a normal page like front page or any other. (block gallery not page gallery) This is possible in Blog pages but i could not find how to do this in a normal page. Thanks.
  2. Hi, You misunderstood my question. I did not asked for examples or thinks to do with older version. I asked if they consider additional features to new 7.1 version? And i wrote on forum considering is a good information to be given to multiple users.
  3. Hello, Working on company website i get much frustration on sqarespace limitations and weird layout. We have paid already and i choose sqarespace based on internet reviews over wix. Now working with it im frustrated. Is this not supposed to be easy build? Why does it require so much coding? Do you consider drag and drop tools like wix? Do you consider simple way to include animations like parallax and other modern used in so many cases? Text over slideshow another missing feature..... I want to make the gray text box transparent maybe other color, this
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