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  1. Hi JP, I did try Parabola for a short while - there's a good template for Shopify but not for Squarespace. It took me so many steps to try and extract what I wanted in the way I wanted it that we eventuallly gave up. It's a great tool, a little clunky for what I needed, though.
  2. @paul2009 ... you don't know if there's an option to sift orders by address prior to exporting, do you?
  3. I'm looking for an option to customize the sales report, too - I'm having exactly the same problem where a client needs to sort "free delivery" from "couriered" items. The spreadsheet isn't perfect for sorting this as it only specifies the shipping option per customer, not per each product, so if you data sort by shipping option you lose the information you need.
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