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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to create a site for somebody such that they have a simple interface to add new portfolio projects. Each of these portfolio projects should have a specific schema of CMS entry fields (for example, Title, Subtitle, Description 1, Cover Photo, Related Content, Secondary Photos). My goal is that the site owner can add a new portfolio project page simply by clicking New Project and then filling out these fields in a form within the Squarespace CMS - and my html / json-t template for such project pages will auto-fill the content into the design I choose. The best way I could find to do this is to overwrite the blog.item and blog.list to serve as portfolio pages - where I define a customTypes in templates.conf that uses "text" as its base and specifies all the fields I want. This allows for the user to click New Post and get a dialogue which has a tab at the end for entry of my unique fields. This seems like a bit of a hack over blog though. I chose blog because it seems when I pick gallery or any other built-in collection type as a starting point, it seems to not handle my custom type as well. I was looking at index pages, such as used in the demo for Avenue, and I feel like an index would be a better direction for my purpose - but I can't see any way to define a "customTypes" with my unique CMS-entry fields in a way that would populate an index. Is that correct, or am I perhaps missing something? Thanks!
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