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  1. Is there a way to do this on a single block on 7.0? I'm trynna do it but I can't target the block sucessfully
  2. @bangank36 I was doing some adjustments to the main page when you looked at it, now looks better, but I'm actually talking about the Mobile View of this Index, I had 8 elements over the image and the parallax effect looked so jittery and choppy, now I just have left 4 items on it and the same issue happens :/ So I think It'd be better to just disable the Parallax on mobile devices
  3. Site URL: https://circlenewlanguage.com/ Hello, I know this is an on-going problem that has not been properly fixed in years... But I'd like to know, if by any chance, some has discovered how to fix this problem with the choppy parallax thing that takes place when the site is viewed on a mobile device or tablet. (I'm using SONORA Template btw, 7.0) OR, if there's no way around this, I'd like to know if you could tell me how I can disable this effect on mobile devices only. Thanks in advance!
  4. It looks like this is an ongoing issue that Squarespace hasn't been able to fix in years, there are plenty of people who have had this problem... we need a fix to this problem soon! Please, squarespace, listen to your customers
  5. Kind of sad to know that, but I appreciate your honest answer!
  6. Site URL: https://stripe.com/docs/payments/oxxo/accept-a-payment?platform=web Hi! I'm wondering if it would be possible to add a custom payment method on my squarespace site using an API from Stripe, reference: ("https://stripe.com/docs/payments/oxxo/accept-a-payment?platform=web") The problem here is that it requires to implement some coding in several languages (such as: Python, JavaScript, etc) to call a Stripe API to process the payment, so I'm not quite sure if it would be possible to implement this method on squarespace. If someone could give me a hand with this topic, it'll be highly appreciated!
  7. This worked out for me, just paste it in the header of any blog or page using the <script> tags function disableselect(e) { return false; } function reEnable() { return true; } document.onselectstart = new Function("return false"); if (window.sidebar) { document.onmousedown = disableselect; document.onclick = reEnable; }
  8. Yes, and also is it possible to change the text?, cause it looks like the automated message has grammatical errors Link: https://www.circulonl.com/checkout/order-confirmed?oid=5e82c9c3c5a5f81740304f56&authCode=NWU4MmM5YzNjNWE1ZjgxNzQwMzA0ZjU2OjIwMjAtMDMtMzFUMDQ6NDA6MzQuMjU2Wr6-p4RPJax5uNYVhVMyTsmbrTJCpI8LGElFN0-KDJ1K
  9. well, thanks @tuanphan, it's actually helpful to know, but is there a way to change the blue color beneath the banner to plain white? thnx in advance...
  10. Hi, I'm trying to change the background color on the purchase confirmation page to plain white, I tried using /* Order Confirmation Page */ div#confirmed-page { background: white; } And I just got the text block to be white, Is there any way to change the color on the whole page under the nav bar and modify the text displayed on it? @tuanphan
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