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  1. I can no longer change Default Color Theme in the App... I think its time to contact customer support about this issue. Default theme control the shopping cart and checkout in particular... also... clicking each time to change the default site theme... every time you want to make a new section... and a whole array of issues...
  2. I can no longer change the site theme even in mobile... how to we get squarespace to return this function. It is really a must have.
  3. This is not a great solution because the "default color theme " whichh i guess is white minimal, still shows up in you use transparent header... This thing without being able to control default theme is really unpleasant.
  4. Site URL: https://anythingtrial.squarespace.com/ Password: anything The newsletter signup block is... enormous. and I cant for the life of me find the controls on where to change its size. if you go to my page you will see the comparison between the newsletter block and the form block and the NL block is enormous. Is there aaannyyyyy way to deal with this issue? Does squarespace not offer various sizes? No size settings in the design tab control the size of this button. at all..... or the size of the field. Its giant! And its the only field that will submit the email to Squarespace Campaigns which is why i need to use it.... If SS answers this, I will update the answer. LIke am I doing smthg stupid or is this real? as an aside... a bit weird with the text not being centered in the button as a default... M
  5. Hm. The first one works better! aside form clicking on the burger? You notice how the cat face and words in menu are getting cut off on the right on mobile? It does this in vertical view on the phone but not horizontal which is interesting. Maybe there is a way to move the burger way over off screen whle also no displaying it and that could get rid of it? like a padding or margin. Yeah, I am still learning this, and will be taking an actual class soon so i learn how to talk to computers better. Cause conceptually I get it but my language skill are... abominable 🙂 Thank you so much for this, its inspiring 🙂
  6. This was fast. Code looks so nice. This is a tricky one. I updated. The burger box is still there so when i click on mobile it still displays both. the box menu and the burger menu. Also there is something funny with spacing of the whole box its going outside of the mobile area... getting lost on the right. Interesting problem with 7.1. Thank you for answering so many questions.
  7. Site URL: https://anythingtrial.squarespace.com/ password: anything Hello! I am customizing the menu to learn how to hide various menu items per page. I am adding this (.header-nav-item:nth-child(n+2){display:none!important}) to hide the items after the first one but it only works on desktop view. On Mobile it shows all the items. Also, prefer not to have the Burger and just leave the menu as the one item displayed on the page. I think this is useful for everyone but especially so for multilanguage sites... Thank you so much In total> How to in mobile get rid of Burger and keep regular menu in 7.1 How to hide all items after n+2. Currently, if i try to do that with , it hides the info inside the folders as well.... (for desktop view in header code injection it is this: .header-nav-item:nth-child(n+2){display:none!important} I've searched and searched...
  8. I would love an answer to this question if you have found it. Squarespace 7.1. I know this effect is available as part of a portfolio page, but then you seem locked into having the slug be sitename.com/portfolioname/projectname How to change this to sitename.com/anypage?
  9. No... i made a code block to get rid of the footer. Now the footer is gone and I cannot get it by doing the above and I cannot find the culprit codeblock. So I cannot edit site footer because i made it not displayable.... So... I need to find the codeblock, not make a new one and the footer is already there but it is not displayed. So again, I have to find the codeblock that is invisible.
  10. Site URL: https://beerhousealbania.squarespace.com/ I'm currently in trial mode building a site. This is my first day and first site in 7.1 (second ever) and first experience with codeblocks, and it appears that I completely disabled the footer sitewide. I'm wondering if there is some way to find that codeblock as it appears to be missing, I cant find it... This feels silly. It is getting rid of the footers everywhere, even though it was means just for that one page. Hope I laugh about this one day... pass: content
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