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  1. Awesome thanks for that! I also just realized (and hopefully this might help someone else as well) that I can just create a summary block with carousel layout and change the settings to only 1 image at a time as well. Much appreciated to the help!
  2. Hello I'm really attempting to use a lightbox for gallery set of images. I understand that I can apparently only use a grid gallery to have the images come up in a lightbox when clicked(otherwise I'd love to use a slideshow gallery with no thumbnails). I'm trying to not have too many images on the page so what I'd really like is to only have 1 image to where when it's clicked it goes to the lightbox where you can scroll through this set of images. I'm not having much luck figuring out if there's a way for me to have a single display. I see there is a settings for rows in the settings for
  3. Unfortunately none of that seems to be working for mine. Thanks for putting in some work trying to help me out though!
  4. ah, when I use the style code there is no more line at the top but it still doesn't add any lines anywhere.
  5. That thread wanted me to put .Index-gallery { border-bottom: 3px solid #ffc124; } Into the header portion of code injection. The code you had given earlier looked like I should have inserted it directly into the custom css portion so I did that for yours.
  6. Yeah I had found that earlier as well. Whenever I use it I get a bar across the top above my logo and nav bar with the text written above it. Not sure where/why it's going there. If I insert it into the footer just for fun it goes all the way to the bottom of the page doing the same thing.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply but that doesn't seem to be doing anything on my end.
  8. Hello, I'm looking for help with getting a border on the bottom of my banner pictures on every page. I have a used the border for the bottom of the header to butt up against the images, but want to match it on the bottom side. I was using in the custom css but can't seem to find how to add that to apply to the banners. Thanks for any assistance!
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