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  1. Do I need to remove the old UA code in the Squarespace External API key so it is blank if I am adding the header code in?
  2. Site URL: https://www.awesomeotter.com/ Google Analytics has an upgrade to use the gtag.js instead of analytics.js. On the back-end of Squarespace you can ad the UA number but it doesn't update to the gtag code. Any idea how to do that? Do I need to add the actual code into the header? Will that conflict with the Squarespace analytics setup?
  3. Update - It made the first menu item work. the others don’t do anything upon tapping
  4. Advice needed. Client has site on Devlin. Have been in discussion to update site but their biz is down due to Covid-19 so it is not something we are pushing. Just realized their mobile site isn't working - no navigation drop down, no links. Homepage behaving almost like a PDF. Anyone encountered before?
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