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  1. Site URL: https://www.voyagerclub.co/vacation-stylist-how-it-works Hi, I've used CSS code to customise the form function on Squarespace from https://katescott.co/blog/customize-squarespace-form-css This works perfectly for desktop. However on mobile, the 'select' dropdown menu on the form as well as the 'checkbox' is still outlined in black on mobile (whilst its showing the correct gold hex colour on desktop). Its not the text colour that is the problem, it's the outline of the CHECKBOX and SELECT form fields. How can I customise it to show the same hex colour on desktop for the 's
  2. Site URL: https://www.voyagerclub.co/gift-cards-buy I am trying to change the site style colour of the drop down menu on the value of a gift card. It is currently white with black writing and I need it to be in our gold branding. I can't find where this is on site styles, so this may need to be coded in. Please help!
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