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  1. Do you think this might have something to do with this issue? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22551976/why-does-chrome-not-redirect-using-meta-refresh
  2. @creedon Thank you for the response. Sorry yea that JS code is just something i was playing around with to fix this issue. The problem was there before I put that snippet in. I have removed it now. No, that link is not supposed to work stand alone. The link is doing its job , it is adding to cart when clicked on but for some reason it goes back to the home page instead of staying on /subblytest. This only happens in chrome. Note this funtionality is for "add to cart" button not "subscribe" on the page.
  3. Site URL: https://www.eatturmeric.ca/subblytest Hello, We are integrating an external cart system called subbly. When we click the "add to cart" button on this page, it is supposed to add to the subbly cart and re-direct back to /subblytest. This works in all browsers but chrome. Chrome instead re-directs to homepage when we click "add to cart". Any idea why we see this behaviour only in chrome and is there a solution? Cheers, Ash
  4. What about creating a similar animation or some kind of notification upon click, for the customer that item has been added to the cart?
  5. @creedon Thank you for posting this. This script has helped us redirect our products to an external cart. I wanted to know, is there a way to keep the add to cart button animation? Normally it anitmated on click, adding to cart... added!. When cloning this button, the animation goes away. Anyway to keep it? Thank you again. Your help is much appreciated.
  6. The excerpt is not visible in the live page as it takes too much space. Below is an unlinked page with an excerpt enabled. www.eatturmeric.ca/turmeric-delivery
  7. Thank you for the response! Please take a look here - www.eatturmeric.ca/turmericdelivery Thank you for taking a look into this, much appreciated!
  8. Hello, I am using a template with the basic product blocks, not advanced. Is there a way to overlay product-excerpt on the block when hovering over it? The except takes up too much space on the page. If there is any other way apart from hover to show/hide the description on the same page, that would work as well. Thank you so much! Cheers, Ash
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