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  1. http://imjeremyclyde.com/shop-my-closet/tommy-hilfiger-sailing-jacket temp pass: 123
  2. I've tried the code and it works! It's just that when I went to my phone to check, the thumbnails are circle? But when editing in Squarespace it's square -- it's odd. I'd also like to add some space between the picture shown and the small thumbnails -- it looks crammed. Can anyone help?
  3. Thank you so much, it worked!! I also see you around here a lot so thank you for helping all of us!
  4. Just incase you needed it as well, here's the code: <div id="SVCContainer" data-sv-url="https://app.smilevirtual.com/Dr-Tane-Rontal/sign-up"></div><script src="https://www.smilevirtualconsult.com/widget/2.0/svc-widget-iframe.js"></script>
  5. It should be deltabay2020 Also, I have similar issues when viewing on mobile 😭
  6. https://www.deltabaydentalgroup.com/ Here it is
  7. I have this code block for my page but it doesn't show up right? I tried many codes but they all don't seem to work so I would really appreciate if someone could. On my page, it gets cut off. It doesn't fully render towards the bottom. I've attached a similar code block that works perfectly well on their page. Thoughts? Help? Thanks!
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