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  1. Once again, thank you! I'd love to do the same for product landing page: https://www.cianfranicoffeeroasters.com/order-coffee I can't, however, seem to find the element that would need to be changed. Suggestions?
  2. Site URL: https://www.cianfranicoffeeroasters.com/order-coffee?category=Indonesia I'd love to be able to change the SALE button background color. I'm not crazy about the black that comes with the template. You can see an example here on the category page: https://www.cianfranicoffeeroasters.com/order-coffee?category=Indonesia As far as size goes, that is fine. But I'd love to replace the black with something more eyecatching. On the product page, it's too small. I'd like to make it bigger and change the color: https://www.cianfranicoffeeroasters.com/order-coffee/sumatra-mandheling Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks tuanphan! That worked great! I added the font-size attribute to make it a closer match. Anyone have suggestions on question 2?
  4. Site URL: https://www.cianfranicoffeeroasters.com/order-coffee/fulton-cycle-hw6sc New to SquareSpace so I'm a bit frustrated that I can't change the layout of the product block, or change the font of the variant drop down menus. If you look at a sample page (https://www.cianfranicoffeeroasters.com/order-coffee/fulton-cycle-hw6sc) you can see the variants stick out like a sore thumb. 1) How can I change the font to match the font on the template? 2) How can I change the layout of the variants so they are not displayed one below the other, like they are now, but in two columns?
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