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  1. Thanks folks I hadn't noticed all this... I will investigte!
  2. Just found the solution, create gif animations as frames and the filesizes are way smaller. No need to use gallery slideshows anymore... although the quality is limited
  3. Sorry i know this is an old post... but the gif technique pointed out by @mandrous is just what i need. Is there a way to make gif slideshows like these with small filesizes? Can anyone point me to a method? So far I've tried with 8 different gifs and it's coming out at 200mb!
  4. Thanks Paul, sorry i'm new to this! I've set up a test site which explains the issue: https://horse-tiger-eysr.squarespace.com password is: homepagetest normally the homepage(s) would not be visible in the header menu but i've left them in the navigation to make it simple. ideally there would be two homepages - one which says 'welcome to my website' with a video background (desktop) another which says 'welcome to my website' with a full bleed slideshow behind (mobile). The mobile version doesn't have the text in front because i can't work out how to add text on top of a gallery slideshow! But hopefully the reason for this is clear... the background video doesn't work on mobiles so the slideshow is a more interesting fallback than a simple still image. Does this make sense? Thanks ben
  5. Hi have spent quite a bit of time trying to get this to work. I tried to do it by hiding/showing sections of a page (using block id's) but I'm finding it a bit complicated as I am trying to use background video on desktop and a slideshow gallery on mobile...but I can't seem to get a specific block id for each element (I'm using the google extension Squarespace block identifier), so i have pretty much given up on that route. The url option would be much simpler and preferable but i still don't really understand how it works...or rather how you can use it as a home page? If one page is hidden how does it then jump to the next page? Possibly I'm not really getting the whole index page thing as my template only has portfolio pages?
  6. I have the Novo template which has portfolio pages rather than index pages. Are they the same thing? I've tried to set a portfolio page as my homepage and create one page within it called mobile, the other called desktop. I've then put the above code into the design/ css section. This doesn't seem to work
  7. Hi Paul, just wanted to check- is this the hide/show method (below) or have i missed it? _______________________________________ " if you are using a template with index pages then this can easily be achieved with just css. Just create two pages within the index, one for mobile and one for desktops. Then adjust the below code with your page URLs and add it to you websites global CSS." @media (max-width:640px){#your-desktop-page-URL {display:none!important}} @media (min-width:640px){#your-mobile-page-URL{display:none!important}}
  8. Thanks for that. I had already come across this post but I don't have a business plan and my version doesn't seem to let me add code to that section. Is there another way of implementing it?
  9. Hi, Because of issues with background video I'd like two homepages, one with a video background (for desktop) and another with a slideshow gallery (for mobile). Is it possible to add some code so that mobile devices jump straight to the gallery homepage? And desktop devices jump straight to the video background homepage?
  10. Hi Is is possible to replace a background video fallback image with a gallery slideshow via css (or any other way?) Just a sequence of gallery images filling the frame and fading between one another like slideshow:full. Thanks
  11. I'm really struggling with this! If background video does not work on mobiles on squarespace ( i haven't seen any examples on the forum to suggest it does) i don't really want viewers to just hit a 'fallback' image as the first thing they see. Is there therefore a way that mobile users can avoid the background video page entirely and jump to another page? So desktop viewers get to see the video background and mobile users jump straight to a gallery page or something more dynamic? I do not have the business package...
  12. Hi The opening page of my site has background video using the standard squarespace method. It works perfectly on desktop. Previously the background video seemed to worked fine on mobile too (iphone..chrome.. ios 13.4.1). But now the background video has stopped working on mobile. It's just a black screen. It's extremely frustrating. If i embed video on the page manually, i can get it to autoplay on mobile (using background=1) . But it doesn't look right (it does not fill the screen). Is there a way to match the squarespace background video look (ie always filling the screen, and zooming in to the centre of the video on mobile) using specific embed code? Or has anyone found a way to get squarespace background video to work on mobiles (i've seen plenty of non-squarespace sites that work fine)? Thanks
  13. Hi, I've seen quite a few sites in which background video (autoplay, mute, filling screen) works fine on mobile. So it's clearly possible. But i can't get it to work on squarespace. Is there a workaround? Is a plugin required? Has anyone figured this out? Thanks in advance....
  14. Hi I have a gallery page on my (7.1) site which has a number of images whose titles are revealed upon mouse hover. Just simple text words on an image. However, on phones and tablets, which by nature have no hover, there is now no text on the buttons. I wonder if anyone can suggest a solution/workaround to this so that I can optimise these buttons for both device types- perhaps some code that determines if it's mobile or not and then disables the hover effect? Or should i make a separate duplicate page with different buttons and then some code so that mobile devices/tablets are redirected to that page atutomatically? Any help would be super useful! Thanks
  15. Hi, just in case anyone else has this issue... I solved it by using thumbnails exactly the same size as the video clip. When it said 'resizing and processing' I assumed you could use an image of any size. However the squarespace resizing leads to an image which doesn't load properly. I guess this is a bug? Best to use an image that does not need to be resized at all.
  16. Just to clarify, I mean the custom thumbnails that use jpeg images rather than the default vimeo holding page. I have tried different sizes of jpeg but there doesn't seem to be much logic as to why some work and some don't.
  17. Hi, when i upload thumbnail images to embedded vimeo videos there is around a 50% chance they will actually show onscreen. Why is this? Do they have to be a specific size/format? It's very frustrating. They are visible on the thumbnail section of the video edit area, but they are not visible on my site. Is this a known issue?
  18. Can anyone please help with this? My site is almost ready to go apart from one single line height adjustment. Or is there something really basic i am missing? Perhaps there is a hack? For example if I make a 'Newsletter' block I can use the advanced font controls to adjust the line height between the first line and second (with two different styles on each line). But then i can't remove the submit box and button. So that option doesn't work... but it's tantalisingly near to what i need! I'm really close to subscribing but if it is not possible to adjust the line height between two lines of text when you need to, I will have to go back to square one again and start a whole new site using 7.0. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hopefully this image illustrates the problem....
  20. Hi, I need to create a title in extra large heading style on one line and then a line below it in medium paragraph style that is fairly close to it in line height. For some reason the default distance between the two lines is really wide and looks strange. It seems IMPOSSIBLE to adjust the distance. If I use shift then enter I get the correct line spacing, but then I cannot change the text style, it just automatically switches to extra large heading, so the two lines are all in the same style. So i guess I want a standard paragraph space, but between a heading and a paragraph line. How do i reduce the line height between these two lines? I don't want to adjust the global line height, just the line height between the title and the line below, on one section only. Perhaps you can do this by creating two seperate blocks and squeezing them together or something? Or a custom per-section line height? I'm using 7.1 and the template is Novo. Thanks!
  21. I see. I guess if 7.1 just had the option to do galleries as slideshows it would be all i need... Anyway thanks for your help.
  22. Just found the trial - works perfectly! Amazed that they have removed the cover page feature from 7.1 though!
  23. Ok great. Thanks so much for your help. Can you still trial 7.0 templates as you can with 7.1? I guess my slight concern is, will they just try to phase out 7.0 eventually?
  24. I have just seen that cover pages have been removed in version 7.1! I'm thinking squarespace is probably not for me. The tutorial videos all refer to version 7.0 and the new sites are all 7.1. It's all over the place! Why give a tutorial for a feature that is no longer available?! The features I want- slideshow and/or coverpage seem to have been removed in version 7.1 From what i can see version 7.0 has less features and is designed to make you pay for the business plan. Which means I would be paying an extra £70 annually just to get what everyone else got for free previously? Or perhaps I got this wrong? Can anyone from squarespace help?
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