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  1. I don't like to complain about stuff like this, especially when I know there are teams of people who work on these services and they're doing the best they can (thank you!), but: I created an account only to gripe about how terrible of an experience I've had with 7.1. Altogether I've spent over 5 hours trying to figure out how to convert the menus in the header from horizontal format to vertical. I also wanted to put my page's title/logo at the bottom of my homepage. I've been using Squarespace for years, and have loved it and this kind of stuff was easy to do. However, I did not know that my new account was using a new version (7.1) that was very different. I googled over and over, "Squarespace vertical menu in header", and kept landing onto the same help pages on Squarespace support. All of them had clear instructions that directed me through menus and options that simply did not exist in my UI. I was pulling my hair out. I contacted numerous friends who do this stuff for a living; each of them told me to just choose "vertical" in the header style options. I combed through the entire menu system, still could not find any way to do this. I then engaged with the chatbot. Told it the same thing. It again directed me to the same page! Eventually I discovered that on the page it states (clearly, so I guess this is my bad) that I need to go to a different page to see instructions if I am using 7.1 (which i did not even know I was using). Scanning that page, there isn't any way to create a vertical menu in the header. So then I figured, ok let me change this template to a template that exist on Squarespace website that has vertical menus. Lo and behold, there is no way to do this in 7.1; again had to discover this the hard way. Finally I went to create a new page using 7.0 so that I can have my vertical header, and so that I can put my logo at the bottom of the homepage. Honestly, such a terrible user experience. Sorry for the rant. In the future, Squarespace, please make it abundantly clear, for dummies like me, that 7.1 is dramatically different than 7.0, and that if i cannot find a feature that i expect to, perhaps it's because I am using 7.1. And also - please add the option of making my menus vertical? Like - why not???!
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