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  1. Hi Squarespace Community, How do I make my different gallery pages have different styles (i.e., full bleed for one and center for another) in Momentum template? I am using a gallery page for my homepage in full bleed, which looks great. I also have the "Gallery Initial View: Slideshow (homepage)/Infoview" selected. This makes all my other gallery pages show up in infoview, which is also what I want. Except the images in the infoview pages now all hug the navigation bar at the top and left screen instead of being nicely centered like they would if I used the the "Center Gallery Style" for those page. Please help 🙂
  2. I have the same problem as Christina. I have fairly lengthy descriptions for some of my photos. On smaller laptops/browsers, the caption moves to the right and pretty much blocks a good deal of my photo. I would like it to reposition itself to the bottom of the image without blocking any part of the image. Is there any CSS solution out there? The codes provided below fix the captions to the navigation bar. Down side of that is, if you have too long of a caption it will cut off your navigation menu.
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