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  1. What was the fix here, I need anything that is close to a solution....?? Thanks in advance
  2. Trying to reorder my categories in my store... www.heroesandco.com.au password: squarespace123 I need Fizz, White, Rose, Red. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Site URL: https://www.heroesandco.com.au/ Hi All, Can you help me find a solution to allow minimum order quantities or $ values at checkout on squarespace..... even something tat is close to a solution? Please help, in urgent need of a solution, even if it means customers can change at checkout manually, which I've read about, at least initally we will hopefully be able to contact customers who don't meet the minimums. Site is: https://www.heroesandco.com.au/ password: squarespace123 The home page and store explains it. Basically due to our license we cant sell
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