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  1. Thanks! I tried viewing it in different browsers and in incognito mode, but no luck. I implemented a coded "template" by a third party. Here is the section of CSS I believe is causing the issue - I tried changing the header from "white" to "transparent": /* Homepage - White Header */ .homepage [data-controller="HeaderOverlay"] .Header-branding { filter: none; } .homepage .Header--bottom.Header--overlay, .homepage .tweak-header-bottom-overlay-on-index-gallery .Header--bottom.Header--index-gallery { position: relative; } .homepage .Header-inner--bottom { padding-bottom: 24p
  2. Site URL: https://unscriptedfilmco.com/home Hello! I am wrapping up a website, and running into a weird problem. Currently, I have the design set to have the header/navigation to be transparent, with a video banner on the home page. It looks great as I am working on it, but as soon as I click "set as home page" the header turns white, and it's not transparent anymore. Here is a link to the home page, you can see now the navigation is appearing as it should since it's not set as home page yet: https://unscriptedfilmco.com/home Any ideas why this is
  3. Site URL: http://www.laurenannephoto.com/home-2 Hello! I have a few questions for the newest site I am working on for anyone that can help! 1) Creating a transparent navigation header - normally I achieve this by setting the navigation and branding to the "bottom" but this isn't working for the home & about page (will link below). These both have a gallery slideshow banner at the top. 2) Having a thumbnail on summary block appear to the left rather than above - Trying to achieve this look for a testimonial slider, by having the testimonial to the right and an image to the left.
  4. Site URL: https://www.ashleyolafssonphotography.com/weddings Hello! I am wrapping up a website for a client using a SquareMuse template they purchased. The navigation appears transparent when overlaid on banner images which are on most pages. However, I'd like to change this for pages that do not have a banner image up top. I tried an invert code, and dislike the appearance of the logo inverted. I also tried adding a background color to select pages, with no luck. Now I am thinking the best option will be to change the logo on select pages on the website, but none of the cod
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