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  1. Nice website! I'm using the Brine template. I know that it has a family, but think mine is the main Brine....?
  2. Thanks Derrick! Like your site as well. Just read your kite article. I got into simple stunt kites recently and wrote this article and made a short video. https://www.outdoorgoyo.com/journal/keepin-it-cheap-go-fly-a-kite For your site, I would add a favicon instead of having the sqaurespace block up there.
  3. Thanks so much tuanphan! I disabled pinterest via the marketing tab, can you let me know if that fixed it on your end? seems to be ok for me now, thank you!
  4. I'd love to know if you found out the answer to this or if anyone else knows...
  5. Site URL: https://www.outdoorgoyo.com/ Hey folks, My wife and I have been working hard at our website: www.outdoorgoyo.com offering a journal and event calendar celebrating the outdoors. In the meantime, I'm developing a software, which might move us off SS, but still trying to understand my audience. If y'all don't mind, please let me know if you have any constructive feedback on the site, how it is to navigate, and what you'd like to see improved or added. I'm considering adding a form on the site as a questionnaire to gather data about the audience to better understand how to develop my software, may be dumb idea though... Thanks everyone! -Goyo
  6. yes, there is an option to have a summary grid of the calendar and posts at the same time. Check out what i did on my site based on activities. https://www.outdoorgoyo.com/choose-an-activity-all
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