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    Jahan got a reaction from bangank36 in Amending Navigation Bar   
    no I haven't, at the moment the gap is too big
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    Jahan reacted to derricksrandomviews in Advice to improve website   
    A few suggestions, the Subscribe pop up is a bit irritating. A first time visitor will not know what they are subscribing to and have the urge to close it as soon as it comes up. The form is at the bottom of the page , consider a radio button that pops the form up instead of the form itself, that will eliminate the big space on the left and tighten the site up a bit.. The nav bar drop down menus, they are too light, text needs more contrast, it could be a bit hard for some to read in mobile view.  I would almost do the opposite, dark text that turns lighter or even a different color on hover. Announcement bar text could stand to be a bit larger as well. I like the three dot jump buttons on the right. Not sure what the average viewer will do with them as opposed to a back to top button but to me they are smart looking. Not a bad site at all over all. 
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