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  1. Site URL: https://www.tiiupiret.com Hi! Any ideas how to add more space between blog posts on mobile when using Masonry Grid? Desktop ok, but mobile padding between posts are too tight... Thanks already!
  2. Same issue here, but any ideas how to modify the pagination line height? It's now too tight between lines.
  3. Oh! A new problem occurred. Now the fixed logo is showing on both blog sites when reading posts (I have two different blogs on the site). I'd want that Equestrian blog and Stories blog would have different logos showing when reading posts. Any way to fix this? 😭
  4. Thank you so much Tuanphan! Worked perfectly. All the best!
  5. Hi! I've managed to insert a different logo for my blog page, but it's not working correctly when opening blog posts. Any tips how to do this? Works here: https://www.tiiupiret.com/equestrian Not working here: https://www.tiiupiret.com/equestrian/helsinki-horse-fair Thank you so much, if anyone know how to do this!
  6. Oh, too bad! I guess we just have to wait then. Hopefully this feature will be added soon... Thank you anyway!
  7. Site URL: http://www.marikekale.com Squarespace 7.1. doesn't support yet blog posts simple liking, but has anyone coded this by themselves? I tried a few custom css's, but couldn't figured it out. Would highly appreciated support if someone knows how to add simple likes to blog posts in Squarespace version 7.1. Thank you so much!
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