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    MTM_emi reacted to paul2009 in Repeating events on calendar   
    This isn't something that can be done, now or in the future.
    We've been asking for recurring events for over seven years but, because of the way Events Collections were built, it is technically very difficult to achieve. Squarespace's compromise was to add the ability to duplicate events. This is far from ideal but it is the best solution available.
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    MTM_emi reacted to paul2009 in How can I add a table?   
    Original post in 2014:
    Sometimes you just want one of your contributors to be able to add a table so that they can add some data, like a league table to a page or a post.
    Squarespace makes most complex things seems simple to do (adding images to Galleries for example) but this 'simple' thing seems so challenging!
    Yes, I know I can add a code block and add some HTML code to create the table. That's fine for me, but my users just want to do it like they would in any other application like MS Word - 'Create Table'.
    I'm still hoping Squarespace will address this soon so we don't have to use online HTML table tools.
    Update in 2021:
    It's 7 years later (yes seven years!!) and Squarespace never added a Table Block to Squarespace. ☹️
    The good news is that Michael built a great product called the 'Custom Table Block' that adds a Table Block to Squarespace, allowing you to create and edit tables on the page with ease. No HTML table code necessary!

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    MTM_emi reacted to paul2009 in How to embed KML data on Google Maps   
    It's also possible to add multiple locations to a Squarespace Map Block, but it isn't a standard feature, so it isn't documented in the help guide. It requires code.
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    MTM_emi reacted to BoPolo786 in Adding text to a fullscreen slideshow on Ver 7.1   
    This guy is a genius. He did it!
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    MTM_emi reacted to sonoferikdesign in Adding text to a fullscreen slideshow on Ver 7.1   
    Dear Squarespace team,
    Full-width sliding images with the ability to place the same or different text and buttons on each image is absolutely a feature we need. I get this request on literally almost every site I build. 
    I believe it is a feature that would get used  millions of times over. I love what you have built and the more I get used to 7.1, I can see it's advantages. Adding this feature would make 7.1 an absolute no-brainer. Please acknowledge our collective desire to have this implemented as soon as possible.
    Thank you for all you do!
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    MTM_emi reacted to rapgamestevejobs in Adding anchor links in 7.1   
    Here's how I did it:

    1. Name and enter your link:
    ex: #about

    2. Add your anchor:
    code block:
    <p id="about"></p>

    3. Smooth our scroll:
    Open custom css and add:
    html {
      scroll-behavior: smooth;

    Site is still private for a client but I can link to it as proof once it's live.
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    MTM_emi reacted to Robino in Adding anchor links in 7.1   
    That doesn't work in 7.1 yet.
    What will happen with this code / solution is when you click the link it will load the section but it won't scroll down to it.
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    MTM_emi reacted to jess123456 in Rich Snippet / Event Markup error from Google Search Console team   
    Has anyone found a solution to this yet?

    I've got 2 article schema errors with this web page: https://charlottewiseman.com/workplace-wellness-blog/what-is-mindfulness

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    MTM_emi reacted to thatbranding in Rich Snippet / Event Markup error from Google Search Console team   
    Hi all -
    Google Search console reached out by email to kindly tell me that one of my sites is affected by 39 instances of "Event markup issues". Opening the Events report in webmaster tools, I am confronted with this:
    If I look at an individual url within Google's structured data testing tool, I see this, telling me location and start date are missing (odd immediate spike in data from mid August...?):
    Now, I don't know code, but I am surprised to see lots of other posts talking about schema.org and the need to add code for things like this (similar problems occur for blog posts apparently).
    Given that my events have locations in the "Locations" tab within each event, what exactly am I supposed to do to get the data correctly listed with Google? Surely I shouldn't have to learn some code and add it somewhere? That's a bit 2013...
    I could be adding locations incorrectly of course, and if there is a special way to add locations I would be grateful if anyone could share how to add them "correctly", else is there anything else I can do to get things correctly listed? Same for start date...
    What am I missing and how to do I sort it out?
    Thanks all

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