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  1. I need some help with this. I have the captions under the image in the grid, but they are not showing up in the lighbox. I need them to shop up in both places. Thank you!
  2. Update: it was related to one broke line of code in one of the code boxes on the page. (as small as one extra </div>). If anyone has the same issues, check your code.
  3. Site URL: https://tarpon-orb-4ama.squarespace.com/discography password: MTBC1516 Hi all, I have been implementing some changes to the site, added some code on particular pages and in the advanced editor, so far so good. That its, until I noticed that it works well EXCEPT on one page: Discography. Here, the footer took the transparency rule, but doesn't seem covered by the linear gradient of the body. On every other page it is fine. After digging in, I saw that on the Discography page, the .footer-sections was not comprised in the .site-wrapper, like on all the other pages. Ob
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