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  1. Dear humxagafeex, your solution worked like a charm 🙂 Thank you very, very much. Cheers.
  2. Site URL: https://www.pediatra-wizyty.pl/ Dear all, I am a pediatrician and I use a Squarespace site to manage online appointments. Due to the Coronavirus, I need to inform my patients on health restrictions and recommend online consultations. I use the proportional pop up feature in Squarespace for this purpose and it is great, except that there is no option to have it pop up on every visit. The frequency selection only allows a reset every 24 hrs, meaning that only new patients see this message and they only see it once. This is a problem because my visitors go back and forth from the website to appointment calendar and so on, therefore I need the pop up to appear on every visit. Is there anyone out there who could share the CSS code to manage the frequency? Perhaps not storing the cookie would trick the module, or a reset at every visit? I would really appreciate help to enable the message to pop up on every visit. Thanks. Cheers, Izabela
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