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  1. Hi Bangank26! sorry for my late reply, I wish to thank you for your useful help! It works now!
  2. Hi @tuanphan, I would like to know if there is any CSS that I can use redirect a button to a specific page only if the user is using the mobile version but not if it is using the desktop one.

    In my website I like how the product are shown in the desktop version


    but they are totally different in the mobile version.

    I wish to create a different design for the same page that it is shown only in the mobile version. Like if I have 2 link applied at the same button one active when I'm in the desktop version and one active when I'm in the mobile version.

    I don't know if it is clear....


    Thank you




    1. tuanphan



      You can post on forum or send to my email.

      I will check easier.

  3. just to be cure @bangank36, where I have to copy the injection code?
  4. it gives me this error error evaluating function `rgb`: color functions take numbers as parameters
  5. Hi @bangank36, thank you for your reply. I add your code on the design CSS, but it doesn't change the opacity of the white rectangle
  6. Site URL: http://www.involuntaryicon.com/accessories Hi! I need to change the opacity of the white background rectangle in the image block collage to 50%. Can someone help me with a CSS? http://www.involuntaryicon.com/accessories Thank you Francesca
  7. Hi, If I use your link I don't see your blog post, but directly your shop to buy a plug-in to make a pop-up appear... I'm in the right place?
  8. Hi! I have the same problem too... in my client website the instagram doesn't update anymore : www.pamgarramone.com
  9. How can I change the classic cart icon with the bag one in Crosby 7.1? there is a css I can add to do this? Thank you
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