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  1. Wow, thanks, it worked. Can you maybe also help to give the announcement bar a black color and white text just like store page?
  2. Site URL: https://www.cloudshots.nl/ Hello everyone, I would like the colors on my shopping cart page to be the same as on my store and product page. I have added two screenshots as an example. The logo, menu text and announcement bar should be black for example. Can anyone help? Best, Herman Vulkers
  3. Site URL: https://nectarine-turbot-596s.squarespace.com/store-1/p/peperbus-zwolle Hello everyone, I'm struggling to remove some whitespace and subsequently move some content upwards (see picture). For example, I want to align the product thumbnail and product title. I also want to move everything in total upwards so the gap between the header and the breadcrumb menu becomes smaller. Can anyone help me with some custom CSS? Password: christmas
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