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  1. Hey there. Looks like you might have already solved for this as I can see your new website is already in Squarespace. I come a Drupal background as well. I also use Squarespace for the assistance it gives with a simple CMS. That being said, the CMS is very basic. The Dev Tools are also very basic. As far as I can tell - there is only 1 single comparison operator and from what I have discovered over the last several months is that the syntax of JSON-T is very limiting - BUT - it can surprisingly solve many templating requests if you think it through far enough (although it can get silly ha
  2. Hi folks - I am trying to display "tags" on a Custom Post Type I call "Portfolio". I am able to loop through the "section -> collection -> section -> tags" and then display the repeated results of each tag, but is there a way to alphabetize them? {.section collection} {.section tags} <ul class="portfolio-tags"> <li><a href="{collection.fullUrl}">All</a></li> {.repeated section @}<li><a href="{collection.fullUrl}?tag={@|url-encode}" class="entry-tags-tag entry-tag-{@|slugify}" rel="tag">{@}</a></li>{.end} <
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