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  1. You're a gift from the Gods! It worked! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All the best to you and yours . . . .
  2. Hey Subpar, Excuse the site, it's in its infancy and the client doesn't have amazing taste. It's a trial site that we'll be turning into a full site shortly. You can use the visitor's access. marlin-potash.squarespace.com Thanks a million. Really appreciate the help.
  3. I’m using the Five template. I’d like to hide the navbar on the opening page (splash page) only while keeping it visible with text and background image on all the site’s other pages. I’ve tried adding certain adjusting the CSS in the style editor: .collection-506daf5a84aead5098d68b94 #nav-bar {display: none} And in the advanced section of the Page Settings, I’ve tried an injection code: <style> #header { visibility: hidden; } </style> But nothing has happened. The ID is correct and at this point I’m lost. Any ideas out there? I’m grateful for your help.
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