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  1. Hey, thanks, but if i make it it change the complete layout width. But i need only the basic blog grid to adapted in the same width (1270px) like the complete layout. Thanks 😉
  2. Hello tuanphan, here the link: https://kumquat-buttercup-55kx.squarespace.com Pass: 12345
  3. Hello all, I have a question, how can I make it that the Basic Blog Grid has the same width as the page layout? Thanks for help 😉
  4. Thanks. You are awesome 😉 But I meant the space between the left and right image "horizontal space" 🤗
  5. Awesome this works perfect 😉 Thank you so much. One other question: is it also possible to change the spacing between all elements in 7.1? I cant find anything like between this to images and button, there is a space between but i need it more closer together https://bugle-gopher-kkyj.squarespace.com/blog/meditation-and-mindfulness-ktmns Again, big thank 🙂
  6. hello, oh yes, dont know this. https://bugle-gopher-kkyj.squarespace.com Pass: 12345
  7. Hello, i cant send a link because i testing 7.1 on a trial and its not live. If you have for example 9 blog posts on one site and you will go to the next page you see this unter the blog site (bottom right) Thanks
  8. Hello, im mean this under the blog layout to next page. How to change "Older Posts >" and "< Latest Posts" to "Next Page" ? Thanks
  9. Ok, sounds its works only with CSS! So i use the personal Plan, to add CSS i need to upgrade to Business, Correct? Thanks
  10. Hello all, im have a question for Squarespace 7.1, how i can change / replace the text ""Older Posts >" in Blog to "Next Page"? Thanks for help ;) Best, dake
  11. Hi, I'm testing 7.1 and when I'm at the product shop overview in a template and then go to Design > Image Blocks or Products Item it doesn't work if I change anything on the left side menu I don't see the preview. Does anybody have an idea? Thanks
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